Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Analytics FOR Gamers

I've been thinking a lot about the marketing of Gauge recently, and identifying the value we intend to provide for the gaming community. For me it boils down to our team's basic goal of helping gamers make more informed buying decisions.

A key component of Gauge is the twist we want to apply to the concept of Consumer Analytics (CA).

CA often involves businesses measuring the consumer habits of their target audiences, collecting and analyzing the data, then building products and crafting messages to sell to their consumers more effectively. We want to shift the equation in the consumers favour:
  1. Gauge first collects data on the game playing habits of Steam users, based on numbers made publicly available by Steam
  2. Gauge introduces basic analysis tools, and makes the data and tools available to individual Steam consumers
  3. We invite gamers to analyze their own data, and compare it to the larger Steam community
  4. The goal is to help individual gamers to make more informed purchasing decisions, based on real and relevant numbers
I think it's a very important distinction. Gauge is collecting data and creating tools FOR consumers, not to use ON consumers.

Internally, we're calling Gauge 'Analytics FOR Gamers'.

Now we're excited to see if other gamers have the same thirst for game purchasing data and analysis as we did when we built it!

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