Monday, September 23, 2013

Tech Tourist

Last week I found myself with some free time in San Francisco, and decided to be a 'tech tourist' for Gauge. It was astounding the number of meet-ups and entrepreneurial sessions I was able to attend with just a little planning, and the amount of valuable knowledge and connections I was able to amass in just a couple of days. San Francisco is an oscillating and inspiring wonderland for tech entrepreneurs!

During a chance encounter with Danny Maaco, I was invited to attend that evening's YetiZen networking event. Coming from Calgary, this co-work space, accelerator, and innovation lab for the vibrant San Fran gaming community was mind blowing for both the scope of activities and the support provided.

I was lucky enough to have conversations with CEO Sana Choudary, Chief Creative Officer Japheth Dillman, Event Coordinator Gordon Lai, super mentors Danny Maaco and Ian McGee, and a number of attendees. I pitched the concept of Gauge's 'Analytics For Gamers', and received lots of challenging and constructive feedback.

Sana Choudary specifically challenged me to think about Gauge from a sustainable business perspective and outlined a constructive model. Gauge creates tools for a very large and active Steam community, 50 million strong and growing. But only a percentage of this group, our Total Market, will ever become aware of Gauge and our tools for gamer analytics. 30 percent of this group will 'get it' and use it regularly. And 10 percent of that group might support Gauge with cash, over time. Using these metrics, our key business success factor at startup is to determine the realistic size of the Gauge Total Market, the total cost to engage with and educate these users, and the potential revenue we could generate to offset costs at this early stage.

We've loved building Gauge, and it's a tool that we'll continue to use. But it is important to figure out if it can be a real and sustainable business. Can we reach enough people that believe in the concept of Analytics For Gamers to allow us to keep developing and growing the Gauge toolset?

Because if we can make it happen, that would be a whole new, and very cool, ball game!

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