Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Become a Gauge Powered Supporter!

Gauge Powered has generated significant interest, lots of worldwide signups, and plenty of conversation. The concept of Gamer Analytics is gaining momentum, and we're happy to help it grow. This started as a passion project for our team, growing into an 18 month build that now includes a personalized library, tools to customize costs and hours, Steam community stats, game and sale browsing, and a comprehensive watchlist. We're proud of Gauge Powered capabilities, our community of active users, the powerful gamer analytic platform it's become.

The team continues to identify awesome new ideas for features and enhancements. But each will take more time and money to launch. As of last week we're giving our community the opportunity to show support and interest in the Gauge Powered team continuing to expand the feature set.

We’ve launched our new Supporter Program which will allow you to register as a supporter until Aug 1st 2014. We're asking our community to register their support for new feature development, and to infuse us with some cash to continue growing. After that we will reconsider the interest in the project and the possibility of launching a freemium business model in late 2014 and take Gauge Powered to the next level!

We have three support levels, that range from merely registering support, to contributing some cash. All supporters gets access to the newest tools we build.  Sign up and support Gauge Powered now!

The more supporters who register, the faster we can build, the more our team can focus on growing awesome gamer analytics tools.

We're excited to keep adding tools and growing the community. And we'd love to have your support. Sign up today and participate in propelling Gauge Powered forward!


  1. 1) The comment above is spam.

    2) Any chance PayPal/Amazon Payments/Google Wallet might be added as a funding source to become a supporter?